Friday, November 1, 2013

last day in september

This time I am missing the ocean. I painted this from my photos. Last time in September we where out at the beach. The kids have always so much fun there.
The sky is more yellow. My photos aren't coming through so good here.
Yesterday was Halloween, and I just need a break.
The writing goes very well and I am happy with the book. I got a very good feedback from the editor
 It is eating up my time together with my children and all stuff around the house. I hope you like the painting! =D


  1. I feel like I am beginning to know you beyond my virtual artist friend. I certainly know your art and love it. I wish we could sit down and talk. Tell us what you book is about.

  2. Yes indeed I love this painting. I don't know why I am commenting on it again, but I am. I love all your work though I don't really know the "beach" living here in the desert sand of NM. Well, maybe this too is a beach as at one time this area was under water.