Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sea water smell

Again i used the lighter colors I.tryed to give this one a  brighter spring feeling.Looking forward for the spring.I bet it will rain here again.The rain is so nice here . Its warm and smells so fresh afterwards and peaceful its so clam. I still have a beach painting with rain on my easel.It is nice you can choose what you like to work on. It Very often depens with the mood I am in.
Some ask me about my paintings.I dont like to talk about it.Even the writing here is new for me. I can not picture someone is reading it.But I always was think about to paint.The cirumstands did'nt let me  do so.But I  kept the passion inside it lay in my heart for a long time until i found it again.
I have some pencil paintings I will show to you later on.

Friday, January 18, 2013

together in the rain

Palette knife work.I tryed to keep it fresh.I like the umbrellas.What do you think??

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ocean Breeze

Still the coast.I love love the coast.It always feels so relaxing down there.The fresh breeze.
I used only light colors and I really love this painting.

Salty Water smell (horse back riding)

We went to the Oregon beach.It is cold and rainy her in the moment.I made the painting after we came back using my picture from this day.I left the rain out.(this time)
Have a great time!!!!