Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sea water smell

Again i used the lighter colors I.tryed to give this one a  brighter spring feeling.Looking forward for the spring.I bet it will rain here again.The rain is so nice here . Its warm and smells so fresh afterwards and peaceful its so clam. I still have a beach painting with rain on my easel.It is nice you can choose what you like to work on. It Very often depens with the mood I am in.
Some ask me about my paintings.I dont like to talk about it.Even the writing here is new for me. I can not picture someone is reading it.But I always was think about to paint.The cirumstands did'nt let me  do so.But I  kept the passion inside it lay in my heart for a long time until i found it again.
I have some pencil paintings I will show to you later on.

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